The Takedown Defender

Testimonials for the Takedown Defender

Nate Carr

The Takedown Defender will improve wrestling at every level. Defense is one aspect of wrestling that has not been given the amount of practice time or attention it deserves. The risk of injury and the problem of not beingable to drill defensive skills at full speed has been a major problem for our sport. Reaction time, sprawling technique and one's ability to counter attack will improve a great deal working on the Defender. Every wrestler should have access to this invaluable training device.

  • 3x NCAA Champ
  • Olympian
  • 3X National Freestyle Champion
  • National Wrestling Hall of Fame Member
  • World Cup Champion

Chris Bono

The defender is a one-of-a-kind training device. it will help improve your down blocking, sprawling, and your counter offense. Everyone knows offense is great, but you must be able to defend your legs to win matches. The defender will help you do that. It has improved my leg defense and has really helped in improving my counter offense. If you want to get better in these areas, the defender is a must. We here at Tenn-Chatt use the defender, you should too.

  • NCAA Champion
  • 3x National Freestyle Champ
  • 2x World Team Member
  • Asst. Coach at Iowa State 7 years
  • Head Coach at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

John Kanovich

I was involved with all phases of testing the Takedown Defender. It’s a coach’s dream. The key to a young wrestler mastering technique is repetition, repetition, repetition. Now my wrestlers can practice full speed sprawling with match intensity hundreds of times without injuring their workout partners. The Takedown Defender allows wrestlers a high intensity, low-impact workout that is fun and challenging. Young wrestlers learn body awarenss and solid defensive hip positioning to defend against an opponent’s leg attack. I plan on using the Takedown Defender in my high school, middle school and youth wrestling teams.

  • Former Massachusetts State Champion
  • Framingham High School Coach, Framingham, MA

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