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Takedown Defender Product Specifications

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The Defender was designed to do what a human practice partner cannot. Wrestling has never had a training tool that will help wrestlers achieve so much in such a short period of time. Small gains in reaction time and an improved sprawl can completely shut an opponent down. Simply put, if a wrestler is effective defending against leg attacks, more matches will be won.

New Redesigned Body Balloons

We spent four years researching and developing the most durable and safest material for the Defender Balloon. The new Balloon material is absolutely incredible. It can support weights up to 1000 pounds. It is long-lasting, durable and safe to work out on.

Our new Takedown Defenders have been sized to accommodate wrestlers that weigh up to 240 pounds. We also have a new kid size for wrestlers that weigh 40-75 pounds. There are many younger wrestlers around the country that can benefit tremendously from working on the Takedown Defender.

The balloon is attached to the Push Cart and held in place with industrial strength velcro. The Body Balloon stays on the Push Cart while in use and will not move unless it is physically removed from the cart.

Safe and Extremely Durable

The Takedown Defender is made to last. It is safe to work out on and extremely durable. The high impact areas are protected with extra strong seams. This makes the Body Balloon more durable and longer lasting. The balloon is filled with air so it is safe to sprawl on and practice defensive takedown skills.

Inflating the Body Balloon

The body balloon arrives already inflated and will never have to be re-inflated.

The Push Cart

The Push Cart is designed to last for many years. The wheels on the Cart will not damage standard Resilite Mats or wrestling mats made from comparable material.

Very Little Assembly Required

There is very little to assemble. A team can be training on the Defender within minutes of opening the shipping box. The Defender will arrive already attached to the cart. The customer only needs to attach the top part of the push handle, read the instructions and watch a short video on how to use the equipment.

Three Different Sizes

  • KID SIZE: For wrestlers 40-75 pounds
  • STANDARD: For wrestlers 75-175 pounds
  • LARGE: For wrestlers 175-240 pounds

Please note, if you are going to purchase only one unit, it would be best to purchase the standard size Defender.

If you're ready to develop a devastating defense, order one now from our online store or call us at 617.783.0328.

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