The Takedown Defender

Features + Benefits of the Takedown Defender

Head Snap and Spin

Head Snap and Spin

Front Head Locking Drills

Front Head Lock Series

Arm Drag and Spin

Arm Drag and Spin

Set Point Setting

Proper Set Point

Defensive Sprawl

Defensive Sprawl

Perfect the Short Offense Counter Attack

The Defender is great for helping wrestlers learn how to defend against leg shots and then counter attack. Over 50 different exercises can be practiced on the Takedown Defender to help wrestlers perfect their defense and counter attacking skills.

  • Front Head Lock
  • Head Snap and Spin
  • Shoulder block and back hand go behind
  • Arm drag and spin
  • Front head lock and shuck

All of the above skills are demonstrated in the INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO that comes with the equipment.

Prepare for specific opponents

The Defender is the best training device ever for preparing to defend against a specific opponent or a specific leg attack. Wrestlers can work on position, anticipation, reaction time and specific skills to defend against all kinds of leg attacks. Because a wrestler does not have to worry about his training partner getting tired, one can practice specific defense strategies for long periods of time. Further, the Defender can provide a consistent attack that will help improve conditioning, and muscle memory.

The most hated drill, made much more productive

Most wrestlers hate having to shoot under a training partner so that the partner can work on sprawling and the counter attack. There is a lot of time wasted when the shooter has to get back to his feet and shoot again. The Defender will eliminate the risk of injury to the shooter and allow wrestlers to perform hundreds of takedown sprawl counters in a shorter period of time.

A coach can be more hands on with wrestlers at any weight.

Some coaches are not physically able to get on the mat with wrestlers as much as they would like. The Defender allows coaches to be more hands on and make an immediate difference in the way wrestlers are able to perform.

Minimize the risk of neck and shoulder injuries.

Shoulder and neck injuries are quite prevalent in the sport of wrestling. Some of these injuries occur when wrestlers are working on takedown defense. More specifically, these injuries occur when one wrestler shoots in on another so that the defending wrestler can work on sprawling defense and the counter attack. The shooting wrestler’s shoulders are in a weak and very vulnerable position. The Defender can help minimize injuries when a wrestler wants to work at full speed.

Increase practice productivity

Wrestlers will be able to perform twice as many drills with a specific intent as they could with a live partner. In addition, The Defender also allows wrestlers to train at full speed which can not be done on a live partner because of the high risk of injury.

If you're ready to develop a devastating defense, order one now from our online store or call us at 617.783.0328.

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