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Complete Set of DVDs + World Class Wrestling Manual

Complete Set of DVDs + World Class Wrestling Manual

Complete Set of DVDs + World Class Wrestling Manual

Package Description

This package includes all eleven of our training DVDs plus our World Class Wrestling Handbook. The eleven volume video series is one of the most widely used Instructional Wrestling Series for the sport of wrestling. Over 100,000 of these videos are being studied nationwide. In combination with our World Class Wrestling Manual, this Video Series is considered to be among the best teaching combinations available for wrestling.

Each Video averages about 1 hour.

The Video Series Contains

1) Basic Takedowns

Position, Movement, Penetration, Single-Leg, Double Leg, Tie-ups, basic Set ups and Basic Defense to Double and Single Leg tackles.

2) Advanced Takedowns

High Crotch-Fireman’s Carry - Throws, Head Outside Single Series, Body Locks, Side Trips, Arm Throws, Foot Sweeps, Set Ups and advanced Set Ups and Advanced Takedown Defense

3) Escapes and Reversals

Inside Stand with 5 finishes, Sit-outs Turn in and Turn out Series, Front Sit Series, Head Post Series, Side Rolls and Recovering to base

4) Riding & Pinning

Basic Control concepts, Breakdowns from the top position, Leg Riding break downs and pins, Bars Arm Series, Cheap Tilts, Waist and Arm Tilts, Elbow Tilts, Ankle Block and Control

5) Special Takedown Series

Each one of these specific is a series in itself. Carl Adams demonstrates the technique and shows how to develop a system of attack. A) Front Headlock, B) Russian Two on One, C) Under Hook Series D) Head Snap and Control

6) Freestyle Takedowns

Some of the Freestyle Rules have changed and they tend to change every year. However, Carl Adams covers many Freestyle Takedown Techniques, Freestyle defense to leg attacks and basic Freestyle takedown Strategy.

7) Freestyle Mat Wrestling

Some of the Freestyle rules have changed and they do tend to change every year. However, Carl Adams covers offensive techniques and strategies from the top position. He demonstrates the Crotch Lift, Gut Wrench and three ways to set up the Ankle Cross turn. Carl also demonstrates defense on the mat. He covers the opposite hip down concept, defense to the Crotch Lift, Gut Wrench and Freestyle Turns.

8) Essential Takedown Drills

This instructional video includes the three phases of how to drill takedown techniques, Set Ups and Speed Drills, Eight Essential Takedown action Drills, situation positions for live takedown drills, defensive takedown drills and developing a system of attack on the feet.

9) Essential Mat Wrestling Drills

This instructional video includes three key drilling concepts from the top position, offensive drills from the top position, countering drills from the top position, three key drilling concepts from the bottom position, Hip heist drills, Sit out drills, Switching drills, Stand up drills, freeing the ankle drills, breaking wrist control drills, recovering to base and combination scramble drills

10) Dominating the Tie Position

Dominating the tie position is an area in which your athletes can benefit in competition. In this clinic demonstration, Coach Adams discusses five different tie areas: Inside control, elbow control, under hook, Russian tie and head control. In each area Adams focuses on proper head and hand position to dominate the tie. He also touches on how to defend each tie. As an added bonus, Adams shows how to score from these positions with a drag or snap down. An excellent discussion on controlling or removing your opponents' arms in order to successfully attack his legs and score.

11) Adams System of attack on the feet

Coach Adams shares the "secrets" of his system of attack. Adams begins with the fundamentals, stance, movement and penetration. For Adams, success is dependent on good position before the attack starts. A refined penetration step gets a wrestler to the opponent quicker and in the best position to finish the shot, Adams hits on two other vital concepts that will lead to success: Closing the gap, position and timing. The system Adams describes is simple - develop two takedowns with two set-ups for each skill. This gives you four "bread and butter” ways to attack that are difficult to defend against.

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