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Think It. Believe It. Do It.

Think It. Believe It. Do It.

Think It. Believe It. Do It.

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Renowned Coach, Author, Inventor, and Four-Time National Champ

Win. Prosper. Succeed. For Carl Adams, these aren’t just words. He’s lived them. From an undefeated high school dual meet record to two NCAA individual titles at Iowa State, two National Freestyle titles and a 41-year run as a collegiate coach, Carl’s name rings out in wrestling circles as one of the most accomplished the sport has ever seen. But Carl was more than just an athlete or coach. From a young age, he found numerous ways to blaze trails in the sport as an inventor, entrepreneur, author and instructor.

In Think it. Believe it. Do it., Carl’s inspiring success stories form a picture of a man who found his passion and turned it into a career very few in any sport have achieved. His time-tested blueprint is laid out clearly and purposefully for anyone looking to come out on top, whether in sports, business or the next task at hand. Carl will inspire you to find your potential and beat the odds. After all, he’s lived it.

Praise for Think It. Believe It. Do It.

"When you think of wrestling mastery as an athlete, coach, businessman, leader and innovator, don’t look any farther than Carl Adams. This book’s breath and scope, the facts seen through the eyes of a wrestling legend, and the fascinating nature of his life experiences will provoke deep thought and emotion. Carl takes you through the motivating voyage of a young wrestler moving the brick piles with his father to championship greatness at Iowa State."

Zeke Jones
2012 Olympic Coach
World Champion and Olympian


"This book takes you on an inspirational journey through the life of one of our sport’s greatest ambassadors, Coach Adams. The book is a triumph of personal commitment, perseverance, and optimism even in the face of significant challenges and disappointment. It is a “must read”, not only for coaches and wrestling fans, but for anyone who wants to reach their full human potential."

Mike Moyer
Executive Director, National Wrestling Coaches Association


"Carl Adams has been a mentor of mine for over 20 years. He has experienced success at every level in the sport of wrestling and in business, and through this book shares his step-by-step approach for success. The book also explores his life challenges, triumphs and plan for success as well as the power of passion and power of the mind. It’s inspiring to read about many of Carl’s life challenges that very few know about. This is a great book that I encourage all to read."

Kevin Jackson
Head Coach at Iowa State University
2004 Olympic Coach
former Olympic Champion and two-time World Champion


"After having the honor of wrestling for Carl Adams in the late 80's, I went on to work for 20 years at some of the top firms on Wall Street. Although I had many talented managers over the course of my career, none possessed even a fraction of the leadership skills held by Carl. He is a caring and truly inspirational leader with a proven track record as a highly successful coach, inventor, author, entrepreneur, and mentor. His latest work, Think It. Believe It. Do It., is a fascinating read, based on a lifetime of accumulated wisdom, that offers practical advice for those who seek the motivation and guidance to realize their full potential."

Patrick W. Duthie, PhD
Assistant Professor of Finance, Cabrini College
former Boston University wrestler and academic all-american


"As a colleague and friend of Carl’s, my treasured moments are when we would talk about coaching, so naturally I was interested in reading his book. But this is not a "victory lap" book, it’s a personal journey into excellence. The description of Carl Adams' hardscrabble background, his family, early mentors and coaches and overcoming his setbacks are only part of the story. Throughout the book Carl shares his insights on how to develop a mindset that leads to success that could be useful to anyone in any field. His curiosity about how things work and can do attitude is an unbeatable combination. This book sneaks up on you because initially, you think it is about his accomplishments but then you realize he has done a reversal and put you on top and motivated you to be in control of the contest, your own life!"

John McCarthy
Director of the Institute for Athletic Coach Education, Clinical Assistant
Professor at Boston University, Ed.D.


"I encourage everybody to read this book, not just those who love wrestling, but those who love life. Carl was my college wrestling coach, and became a lifelong mentor and friend for more than 35 years. As much as I know about Carl and his journey, I learned even more from reading this book. If you want some true insight into what it takes to be successful, no matter what you do, then you must read Think It. Believe It. Do It. It will be time well spent."

Gary Abbott
USA Wrestling Director of Communications


A Migrant Family’s Journey

Carl’s childhood and upbringing and how he learned the lessons that would guide him throughout his life.

The Impact of Mentors

Carl was a protégé of legends Joe Campo, Dr. Harold Nichols, Bobby Douglas and Dan Gable. He describes his relationship and the lessons he learned from each one.

The Seven Pillars of Winning

A blueprint for success featuring Carl’s time tested practices that form the foundation of the book and his life. Carl outlines very clear concepts that will give you the tools to become more competitive and take your ability to win to a new level.

Invention & Innovation

At the age of 22, Carl would begin work on his first invention, The Adam Takedown Machine, and his first instructional book, Controlling the Center of Gravity. From there, he’d bring five other inventions to the market, write three more books, produce nine best-selling instructional videos and host one of the most popular wrestling camps in the country for 34 years. Carl shares his strategy for getting each one of these ventures off the ground with no financial advantage.

The Power of Passion

Throughout his long career in the sport, Carl has seen it all. As a coach for 41 years, he has a unique insight into what makes competitors tick. In 2013, facing the toughest challenge of his life, Carl’s wrestling team at Boston University excelled in the face of adversity, surprising even him. Carl shares his belief that we all possess amazing potential, and backs it up in Think It. Believe It. Do It.

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