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Takedown Defender Junior

Takedown Defender Junior

Takedown Defender Junior

New! The Jr Model of the Most Productive Training Device in Wrestling

The new and improved Takedown Defender is the most productive training device ever developed for wrestling and it's now available in a junior size made specifically for smaller wrestlers weighing up to 75 lbs. It will help young wrestlers improve sprawl reaction time, sprawl speed and their ability to perform takedown counter attacks.

The Takedown Defender is a multi-purpose training partner

The Defender is great for helping wrestlers learn how to defend against leg shots and then counter attack. Over 50 different exercises can be practiced on the Takedown Defender to help wrestlers perfect their defense and counter attacking skills. Skills that can be developed using the Takedown Defender include:
  • Front Head Lock
  • Head Snap and Spin
  • Shoulder block and back hand go behind
  • Arm drag and spin
  • Front head lock and shuck

Develop a quicker and more effective Sprawl

The sprawl is the most important defensive takedown skill a wrestler will ever learn. Yet, in most practice rooms, the sprawl is given less practice time than most other takedown skills. It is as simple as this. If you have a great sprawl, you will be able to stop more leg shots and you will also have better offence.

The Defender is the best training device available for developing a great sprawl.

Improve Reaction Time

Reaction time is absolutely critical when sprawling or defending against leg attacks. Quick reaction time is the key to stopping leg attacks. A small improvement in this area will make an incredible difference. The Defender will help wrestlers develop better muscle memory, anticipation and the quickest sprawl reaction time they have ever had.

Find your most effective Takedown Stance position learn proper weight distribution

Each wrestler has a different takedown "SET POINT". The "SET POINT" is the stance position that will allow a wrestler to assume the most efficient position to attack as well as defend. The degree that the knees are flexed, weight distribution, the vertical angle and the spacing between the feet will determine how well a wrestler is able to attack, defend and react.

70-80 percent of younger wrestlers rest to much weight on the heels. This makes it tougher to sprawl, penetrate or react. Many matches are lost for this reason alone. The Defender provides a great opportunity for a coach to teach his wrestlers how to rest more weight on the balls of the feet and permanently correct takedown stance flaws. The best part is that a coach can actually coach a wrestler into his best stance position while working on the Defender.

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