JOBO Blast

JOBO Blast

JOBO Blast

The Device that's Taken Us Full Circle

A prototype version of the JOBO Blast was how it all started. We have come full circle and we have used the best of all we learned from developing our other equipment.

The JOBO Blast is the perfect piece of equipment for working on head snaps and head snap set ups into all kinds of leg attacks. It's also a great training device for coordinating foot motion, attacking the head, and shooting in on leg shots. The JOBO Blast also allows wrestlers to work on developing power and conditioning in the forearms.

The legs are set a full two and a half feet away from the wall with a wall mount similar to our Snap and Shoot training devices, allowing wrestlers to work on all kinds of full speed leg attacks.


  • JOBO Blast is great for working on head snapping techniques and conditioning.
  • JOBO Blast is great for coordinating head snaps with leg attacks.
  • JOBO Blast allows wrestlers to work on front and back trip finishes.
  • JOBO Blast provides strength building resistance from all directions.
  • Wrestlers can work on many different set ups for leg attacks. Hand fakes, head fakes and head snap hand motions can be done before attacking the legs. This is a great way to improve foot work, set up speed, coordination and timing.

See the JOBO Blast in Action

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