The Snap and Shoot System
Introducing the Snap and Shoot Plus

Official Takedown System of the National Wrestling Coaches Assn

The Snap & Shoot Takedown System will be the most beneficial training equipment you will ever purchase as a wrestling coach.

  1. Think about how many valuable training hours are lost due to injuries. Injured wrestlers will be able to maintain 80-90 percent of their conditioning, strength, timing and technique. They do not have to let the competition gain an advantage because they are injured.
  2. The Snap & Shoot provides a tremendous advantage for highly motivated wrestlers to have a training partner when no one else wants to train or when they want to spend extra time working on specific takedown skills.
  3. The only training device for wrestling designed to help wrestlers improve conditioning, technique, specific wrestling strength and speed at the same time.

See the Snap and Shoot in Action

The Best Overall Training Device for the Sport of Wrestling

The "Snap and Shoot plus" is simply the best training device ever invented for wrestling. The head provides 110 or 150 pounds of lifelike strength-building resistance. The "Snap and Shoot" legs also offer 110 or 150 pounds of lifelike strength-building resistance. The arms are much stronger, better positioned and more versitile than the ones on the old "ADAM". A wrestler's strength, conditioning and takedown technique will improve dramatically. The feel is so lifelike, it’s hard to tell the difference between the "Snap & Shoot" and a real workout partner.

How the Snap and Shoot Compares to the ADAM Machine

We are often asked to compare the new "Snap and Shoot" to the old "ADAM" Takedown Machine. both were invented by Carl Adams. Simply put, there is no comparison.

Snap & Shoot

  • Much stronger arms in a better position to work your technique
  • More life-like feel and more realistic head and arm position
  • Life-like legs work independently of each other
  • Designed to target specific high use muscle groups
  • Resistance is stronger and more life-like
  • Great for improving head snapping power and technique
  • The chest area does not get in the way when working on skills
  • More durable and long lasting nylon rubber covering
  • The only piece of wrestling equipment in the world designed to improve specific power, conditioning, speed and technique
  • The Snap and Shoot is the world’s most advanced takedown training machine and costs $1,100 less than the ADAM!

ADAM Machine

Hundreds of Programs are Already Training on the Snap and Shoot:

Top coaches around the country were able to see the benefits immediately. Hundreds of programs are already training on the Snap and Shoot System.

Look at this small sample

  • Olympic Training Center
  • Oklahoma State
  • Brown University
  • University of Oklahoma
  • Hofstra University
  • University of Missouri
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Purdue University
  • West Virginia University
  • U.C. Davis
  • Arizona State University
  • Cornell University
  • Boston University
  • Indiana University
  • Blair Academy (23x National Champs)
  • St Edwards H.S. (20 State Championships)
  • Brandon H.S. (400 consecutive dual wins)
  • Aztec H.S. (12 State Championships)
  • Hauppauge H.S.
  • Fulton H.S. (NY)
  • Vallejo H.S.
  • Newton H.S. (IA)
  • Platte Valley H.S. (CO)
  • North Branch H.S. (MI)
  • Albert Gallati H.S. (PA)
  • Appleton West H.S. (WI)
  • Hudson H.S. (MA)
  • McIntosh H.S. (GA)

*Hundreds more are not allowing the competition to gain an edge.

Want to see the Snap and Shoot in action? Be sure to check out the Snap and Shoot Demo Video or if you're ready to master the art of the takedown with, order a Snap and Shoot now from our online store or calls us at 617.783.0328.

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