The JOBO Takedown System
The JOBO Takedown System

New from Wrestling's Most Innovative Coach

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Carl Adams' newest invention, the JOBO Takedown Training System, is here to give Wrestlers and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters the ultimate edge in honing their takedown skills. 

90% of all takedown are performed with some type of leg attack. There is no device on the market that feels as real and allows wrestlers to use the full range of motion when penetrating. You can also work on all kinds of Sweep singles, High Crotch and head outside Singles. In addition, the JOBO Takedown System is perfect for working on Blast Doubles as well as the low single.

Ideal Training For

  • JOBO is great for working on misdirection leg shots and low ankle attacks.
  • JOBO allows wrestlers to work on front and back trip finishes.
  • JOBO provides a larger target that allows wrestlers to work on low and high leg attacks.
  • JOBO provides strength building resistance from all directions.
  • Wrestlers can work on many different set ups for leg attacks. Hand fakes, head fakes and head snap hand motions can be done before attacking the legs. This is a great way to improve foot work, set up speed, coordination and timing.


  • JOBO sits a full 3 feet away from the wall so that wrestlers can use the full range of motion on all kinds of leg attacks and finishing motions. (CHECK OUT THE MUST SEE VIDEO)
  • JOBO provides PROGRESSIVE RESISTANCE as you drive into the legs. The more you drive into the legs, the more resistance you are met with.
  • IT IS EXTREMELY EASY TO INSTALL. The wall mount is 6” high by 16 “wide. It is just a matter of putting 4 fastening bolts into the wall.
  • We offer a money back guarantee with this product.

Junior JOBO Available for Kids

For young wrestlers, the Junior Sized JOBO is the most effective training device on the market for learning and perfecting leg attack takedown skills.

The penetration step is the most important takedown skill a wrestler will ever learn. It is a skill that wrestlers struggle with at every level. Developing the proper muscle memory, stepping motion, body position, head position and drive through takes many repetitions. However, JOBO Junior allows young wrestlers to develop these aspects of the penetration skill at rocket speed. JOBO also helps wrestlers get a real feel as well as the strength building element.

Further, the knee drive and outside rotation on all kinds of sweep singles is a critical skill. Young wrestlers will be able to develop great rotational movement on all of their sweep singles. This cannot be done nearly as effectively on other training devices on the market. Other devices do not sit far enough away from the wall and they do not give the type of real feel that JOBO does.

Finally, developing great takedown skills is all about repetition. JOBO allows young wrestlers to perform precise repetitions on a training device that returns to the exact same position every time. More importantly, wrestlers gain a big edge when they can continue to perfect their skills when no one else wants to work out.

The Junior size JOBO is sized for kids 40 -120 pounds. The legs are shorter than the larger size JOBO and the wall mount sits closer to the floor mats.

See the JOBO in Action

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