The Iowa Style Snapper
Introducing the Iowa Style Snapper

The Most Effective Head Attack Trainer Available

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The IOWA STYLE SNAPPER is an incredible breakthrough for developing head snap power, set up coordination, foot work, conditioning, head snap hand speed and incredible coordination. This piece of equipment allows wrestlers to give total focus to attacking the head.

You get 125 pounds of resistance and a human like feel while you work specific muscle groups that are used when attacking the head.

Attacking an opponent’s head is one of the most important takedown skills a wrestler can learn. Up until now, there have not been any devices developed to work on this specific skill. We named this device the IOWA STYLE SNAPPER because Iowa Wrestlers and other top wrestlers across the world have demonstrated year after year how useful and important attacking the head is in competition.

Perfect Your Head Control Skills, Footwork, and Setups

There is no secret here. The best coaches in the country preach this concept all the time. Now wrestlers can implement this important skill at the highest possible level.

Here is what this important skill achieves.

  • It is the best way to get an opponent tired
  • It is the best way to force an opponent out of position
  • It is one of the best ways to get an opponent to react to a set up.
  • It is one of the most important skills for developing an effective Front Headlock.

Key Benefits and Features

  • The IOWA STYLE SNAPPER is a fantastic training device for injured wrestlers. It allows wrestlers to work around most injuries, continue to work on conditioning and develop a skill that is as important as any other skill they will learn on the feet. You will always have injured students in the room that want to maintain a high level of conditioning and skill.
  • The IOWA STYLE SNAPPER also allows wrestlers to practice with full power of the snap. Practice partners absolutely will not let their practice partner use the same speed and power that is needed to be successful in competition. Practicing on the SNAPPER will help wrestlers improve a very fast pace.
  • The Snapper can also be set at 3 different heights on the wall.
  • IT IS EXTREMELY EASY TO INSTALL. The wall mount is 6” high by 10 “wide. It is just a matter of putting 4 fastening bolts into the wall.

See the Iowa-Style Snapper in Action

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